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Private English Course
(One-to-One Private)

Learn English face to face by native speakers choose your own content

Tutor and Student

Private English Lessons

Our private English lessons is a great option for learning and practicing for general English, English for business and for exams including IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and OET. Private lessons can be for individuals or small groups and can be tailored for specific purposes. Conveniently choose a time to study.

Manage Study Time

Book English Lessons Online.png

Students can manage their lessons and their schedule with our 24-hour online system.


Book A Lesson*
Students can book a private lesson 24-hours a day and send requests directly to their teacher.

Cancel/ Reschedule*
Students can also view, cancel or reschedule their lessons online.

*Requires 24-hour advance notice

Tuition Fee

1:1 Private Lessons with Native English Speaker.

Private Onsite

950 Baht per Lesson/ General Eng.

990 Baht per Lesson/ Specific Eng.

Private Online Zoom

700 Baht per Lesson/ General Eng.

750 Baht per Lesson/ Specific Eng.

Lessons for academic/ exam prep is
English for specific purposes.

Private requires minimum 8 lessons

Learn with Native English Speaker BLC English
Private Course Details

We can provide private lessons for various topics that fit your needs or requirements. We'll match you with one of our expert teachers.

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