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คำนิยม (Testimonials)


Where to learn English? Study at BLC and learn English quickly.

คำนิยม (Student Testimonials)

How can BLC help me improve my English?

We acquire stories and opinions from our students so they can share their learning experience at BLC with others. We at BLC English strive to provide a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere with friendly and knowledgeable staff so that you can succeed in English and achieve your goals.


Reviews from students who

studied English with BLC.


I took a short online class at BLC and it was very good. Everyone was very nice and I got to study with an American trainer. The lessons were fun and the groups were small. I think the price was really good and not expensive. BLC is a good value with good methods.

Student Review (4)

Nong Studied Private

The private lessons at BLC were the best! My instructor was great and took the time to help me speak more confidently. I also liked that I could manage my appointments online and even send a message to my instructor telling him what I wanted to practice in advanced.

Student-Review 5.png

Bui Studied Business

A friend recommended me to BLC. The place is very nice and professional with friendly staff. I also liked that they do a lot of activities so I can practice my English in real situations. If you want a good place that helps you in English. I’m happy to recommend BLC for you too.

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