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Business English Class

Business Course
(Business English)

Learn English for work and communication in the business world

Business English Course BLC English Nont

Business English Course

Our business English course is suitable for learners who already have some knowledge of general English, but would like to focus their language skills relevant to their work.

Our course is designed to enhance proficiency in all four language skills, with a focus on business subjects and vocabulary. The course is effective at improving English communication skills in the workplace.


Our Business course teaches you all four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) along with essential vocabulary and grammar used in business English.

Our business course uses real-world work situations such as; meetings, negotiations, presentations etc. to teach you the fundamentals of business English. Each lesson is suited to what you will use at your job.

Learn with Native English Speaker BLC En

English For

BLC offers the best business

course at the best price!

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Native teachers

All courses are taught by highly qualified and experienced native English teachers who have trained and experienced in teaching with students. Leading organizations and various departments

Our teacher

  • All teachers are native teachers

  • Hold a certificate for teaching English specifically

  • Teaching experience with leading organizations and organizations

  • Develop teaching media and teaching techniques for the most effective learning

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